36 %

of our Executive Committee and 42% of our Board are women.


We believe that having women fully represented in all key decisions helps us create Places People Prefer, as we more closely reflect the gender mix of the people who work, shop, live and spend time at our places.

Our achievements

  • Enhanced shared parental leave and pay available to all employees after the birth or adoption of a child. Our Shared Parental Pay Policy, launched in early 2017, far exceeds statutory requirements. We have seen an encouraging increase in take-up of significant periods (3+ months) of Shared Parental Leave by fathers post-pandemic.
  • Annual speed mentoring scheme co-led by equitaBLe encouraging participation by women as mentors and mentees at all levels of the business. In 2022, 50% of mentors and 75% of mentees who participated were female.
  • Executive coaching available to all parents, to smooth their transition before and after parental leave, help maintain their confidence and minimise any impact on their career. Take-up of this benefit has increased since the start of the pandemic.
  • Regular career management workshops on topics such as presenting with impact, personal brand, networking, goal setting and stress & resilience.
  • Regular ‘In Conversation With’ sessions have included the founder of Genderbuzz, Natasha Stromberg, the CEO of HS1, Nicola Shaw and all British Land’s female Non-Executive Directors, most recently Loraine Woodhouse in June 2022.
  • Championing flexible working - 27% of British Land employees and 15% of Broadgate Estates employees work on formal flexible working arrangements. equitaBLe are soon to launch a blog to raise awareness of the variety of flexible working arrangements available to staff.
  • Events are fully inclusive to all British Land staff and have recently included an International Women’s Day breakfast event at Broadgate followed by a tour of Broadgate’s newest sustainable developments led by key women involved in bringing them to life.
  • Taking steps to reduce our gender pay gap and, whilst it is not where we would like it to be, our snapshot April 2022 data shows a further reduction of 7% in our median pay gap. Our workforce consists of a nearly equal proportion of men and women, but 57% of FY21 promotions / internal moves were by female staff.
  • We will soon be launching a menopause policy and are looking at extending this to other causes of hormonal imbalance suffered by women or men.
  • Our CEO, Simon Carter, sits on the board of Real Estate Balance, the organisation which works to improve equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across our sector.

Our core purpose is to achieve gender equality across the business, particularly by supporting our women. Our events & activities are all fully inclusive of all staff.

Sarah Blake,
Chair, equitaBLe

Committee members

Committee members

Contact us: BLwomensnetwork@swedishwebagency.com

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