Affordable space

We provide space to a broad range of local organisations on an affordable basis. This draws on our core strengths, providing high quality space to generate social impact, and helps differentiate our places.

Affordable space includes workspace, retail space and community and arts space on a temporary or permanent basis, as well as outdoor pop-ups. Reflecting opportunities at each place, our approach includes supporting social enterprises, small businesses, charities, community groups and cultural organisations.

Goal: Affordable space at each priority place, with at least £10m of affordable workspace, retail space, community and arts space delivered across our portfolio by 2030.

Progress: £1.9m of affordable space provided to community organisations and enterprises in 2023.



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£ 4.8 m

Of affordable space provided across our portfolio in past two years

Case study: NDT Broadgate

Together with long-standing partner New Diorama Theatre (NDT) who are based at Regent’s Place, we launched NDT Broadgate to help fuel the recovery of the arts post-pandemic. This provided over 20,000 sq ft of creative space completely free to independent and freelance artists, from August 2021 to July 2022. The first project of its kind in the world, over 8,800 artists used the space, making more than 250 new shows. Some of these have gone on to be hugely successful on the West End.

An independent economic impact assessment revealed that NDT Broadgate generated £40m of additional gross revenue for the UK economy. It supported over 1,000 full time jobs, protecting arts livelihoods and enterprises. It also spurred vitality, with restaurants and bars close to NDT Broadgate benefiting from nearly double the sales uplift of other retailers across the campus.

Economic Impact of NDT Broadgate
£ 40 m

Additional revenue generated for the UK economy by NDT Broadgate

NDT Broadgate was one of the most significant engines for recovery across the theatre sector and a brilliant example of the enormous value derived from innovative cross-sector partnerships. At ACE, we witnessed first-hand how crucial this initiative was for thousands of diverse, early-career artists at such a critical moment.”

Neil Darlison
Director of Theatre for Arts Council England

Case study: Thrive at Canada Water

At Canada Water, we continue to partner with Tree Shepherd to provide affordable workspace and support local entrepreneurs with business advice, prioritising SE16 residents.

Through this project, called ‘Thrive’, we aim to create a self-sustaining local business network, growing a pipeline of successful enterprises for future opportunities at Canada Water.

Creative use of affordable space for mutual benefit

Entrepreneurs supported through Thrive in 2023

British Land authentically supports people in the community. Together, we’re working to create a place where local people run businesses and are supported to be successful. It’s people who make a place meaningful.”

Sandra Ferguson
Chief Executive of Tree Shepherd

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